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Terms of use

Terms of use are published on 26 of May 2020Date of last amendments to the terms of use — 26 of May 2020

1. General provisions

The present Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) describe the conditions, under which services are provided on multi-currency exchange service Coin-Exchanger. It is addressed to physical or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as the User) to conclude the Agreement on provision of services on Coin-Exchanger Service under the conditions described below.Before using the services of Coin-Exchanger Service, the User must read the Terms “Terms of use of Coin-Exchanger Service”.Use of Coin-Exchanger Service is only possible, if the User accepts all the terms of the Agreement. The current version of the Terms is available on Coin-Exchanger Service's website (

2. Definitions used in the Terms.

Coin-Exchanger Service — the commercial designation of a system for provision of Internet services on the exchange of digital currencies.Service's website — www.coin-exchanger.comUser — any physical or legal person, who wants to use the services of Coin-Exchanger Service.Digital currency — a monetary and/or other obligation between the developer of this currency and its user, which is expressed digitally.Currency reserve — the amount of a specific digital currency available to Coin-Exchanger at the time of compilation of the Request.Exchange rate — the cost ratio of two digital currencies valid at the time of their exchange.Payment / operation — a transfer of electronic and/or other currency from the payer to the recipient.Request — an expression of User's intention to use Coin-Exchanger Service made through filling out an electronic form via Coin-Exchanger Service website, which is described in the TermsSource currency — is a digital currency that the User wants to sell or exchange.Source account — the wallet number or any other designation of User's account in the system, from which the Source currency was sent.Final currency — the electronic currency that the User receives as a result of sale or exchange of the Source currency.Final account — the wallet number or any other designation of User's account in the system, to which the Final currency will be sent.Currency exchange — the exchange of digital currency of one system to the digital currency of another system.

3. Subject of Terms

3.1. The subject of these Terms of use is the provision of services on the exchange of digital currencies by Coin-Exchanger Service to the User.

4. Terms of provision of services by Coin-Exchanger Service.

4.1. The execution of transaction on Coin-Exchanger Service is performed by the User by submitting a Request via the Service's website.4.2. The management of transaction process or receipt of information on the progress of the transaction is performed by the User with the help of the user interface located on Service's website.4.3. Coin-Exchanger Service executes Requests on an irrevocable basis in accordance with the terms of operation of the respective payment systems.4.4. Coin-Exchanger Service is not a party to the agreement between the Payment system and the Client, and is not responsible for the actions of the Payment system and its Client. The rights and obligations of the payment system and its Client are governed by the terms of service provision of the respective Payment systems.4.5 Coin-Exchanger Service does not require verification that the sender and recipient of funds involved in the Transaction are the same person. Coin-Exchanger Service is not a party to the relationship between the sender and recipient of funds or digital currency.4.6. Coin-Exchanger Service does not verify the legitimacy of User's possession rights to the digital currencies and / or funds involved in a particular Transaction.4.7. By using the services of Coin-Exchanger Service, the User confirms that he / she legally owns and disposes of the funds and digital currency involved in the Transaction.4.8. The User undertakes to calculate and pay all taxes required under the tax legislation of the User's location on his/her own.4.9. Being concern of the quality of services provided to Users, Coin-Exchanger Service undertakes to perform all actions within the frame of these Terms.

5. The cost of the Transaction

5.1. The cost of services of Coin-Exchanger Service is defined by the Service itself and published on the website www.coin-exchanger.com5.2. Coin-Exchanger Service has the right to independently change the exchange rates of digital currencies and withhold the commission at any time unilaterally. It provides this information to the users of the Service via posting of information on these changes on the Service's website.5.3. The Request created by the User on the Service's website contains the exchange rate, as well as the total amount of transferred funds or electronic currency.5.4. Coin-Exchanger Service charges the cost of its remuneration at the time of the relevant Transaction. The Service fee is deducted from the Final currency amount.

6. The digital currency exchange

6.1. When submitting the Request, the User instructs and the Service, on its own behalf and at User's expense, performs actions to the exchange the Digital currency of one Payment system (the Source currency) for the Digital currency of another Payment system (the Final currency) selected by the User.6.2. The User undertakes to transfer the Source currency in the amount specified in the Request, and Coin-Exchanger Service, after reception of the corresponding digital currency, undertakes to transfer the User the Final currency calculated at the exchange rate and in accordance with Service's tariffs.6.3. The amount of remuneration of Coin-Exchanger Service is indicated in the Request and confirmed by the User through clicking the “Next” button during execution of a transaction.6.4. The obligation of Coin-Exchanger Service to transfer digital currency to the User is considered fulfilled after debiting of the digital currency in the corresponding Payment system from account of Coin-Exchanger Service, this is recorded in the history of operations of the corresponding Payment system.6.5. Coin-Exchanger Service has the right to cancel the Request created by the User, if the funds in the amount of the Source currency are not transferred to the account of the Service within a certain time.6.6. Coin-Exchanger Service has the full right to suspend the transaction operation and withhold User's funds in order to prevent fraudulent and other actions that may cause financial losses for the Service or the User.6.7. Coin-Exchanger Service has the right to establish financial and quantitative limits for the Request. Information about limits is given on Service's website.

7. The validity of the Terms

7.1. These Terms are considered to be concluded on the terms specified in these Terms, the User confirms his / her consent to the Terms during the process of creation of the Request.7.2. The User confirms his / her consent to the Terms through the actions required to form a Request, these actions confirm his/her intention to use the services of Coin-Exchanger Service under the terms described in these Terms of use of services.7.3. The data and parameters of the terms of the Request are recorded by Coin-Exchanger Service automatically, when the Request is completed.7.4. The consent shall enter into force upon the completion of the Request by the User. The User has the right to cancel a transaction under the Request until it is paid.

8. Liability of the Parties

8.1. Coin-Exchanger Service is liable to the User in the amount corresponding to the amount of money or digital currency entrusted by the User.8.2. Coin-Exchanger Service is not liable for malfunctions, errors and failures in the operation of software and / or hardware that ensure the operation of Service, which occurred for reasons beyond the control of Service, as well as related losses of the User.8.3 Coin-Exchanger Service provides services only on the exchange, purchase and sale of digital currencies.Coin-Exchanger does not accept payment in favor of any third parties and prohibits exchange on the wallets/accounts that do not belong to the User.Coin-Exchanger does not have partnerships and does not enter into any agreements with recipients of payments for services provided.In no case should Coin-Exchanger be used as an intermediary service for mutual settlements between the buyer and seller (customer and contractor, etc.).8.4. The User bears full responsibility for the authenticity of the data provided during compilation of the Request. If the User did not specify or incorrectly specified data, Coin-Exchanger Service is not responsible for the User's losses incurred as a result of the error.8.5. Coin-Exchanger Service is not responsible for User's losses, which occurred as the result of illegal actions of third parties.8.6. The information on completed Requests is stored in Service's database and is used by the Parties to the agreement in case of disputes.8.7. The Parties are released from liability for full or partial non-performance of their obligations under the Terms, if this full or partial non-performance occurred as a result of extraordinary events that could not have been foreseen and prevented with the use of reasonable measures.8.8. In other cases of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under these Terms, the Parties are liable in accordance with the law, taking into account the Terms of use.

9. General provisions

9.1. Coin-Exchanger Service has the right to unilaterally amend any clause of the Terms by publishing the changes on the Site Coin-Exchanger. The changes take effect from the moment of publication.9.2. Coin-Exchanger Service has the right to refuse the User in compilation of Request without giving the reasons for the refusal.9.3. In cases of suspicions actions in the process of compilation of the Request by the User, Coin-Exchanger Service has the full right to suspend such operations in order to avoid damage from hacker attacks until the reasons for these actions are determined.9.4. Coin-Exchanger Service has the right to send the User the information on the status of process of the exchange Request to the specified e-mail address.9.5. The disputes or disagreements arising from non-compliance with these Terms shall be resolved through negotiations on the basis of a written application from the User. Having received the application from the User, Coin-Exchanger Service is obliged to review and give a full response to the claims made or to give the User the reasonable justified refuse within a certain period of time. All necessary documents must be attached to the response.

The user confirms that he/she has read all the provisions of these Terms of use and accept them by continuing to use the service.