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Why was the exchange rate changed in my application?

According to our Terms of Use, he cryptocurrency rate is fixed at the time of the 2nd confirmation of the network.

What is network validation for cryptocurrencies?

When transferring cryptocurrencies, transactions must receive a certain amount of network confirmations before funds are available. This is done in order to prevent double spending of the same funds. Nobody can somehow influence the speed of receipt of confirmations by a transaction, the user just needs to wait.

Transferred BitCoin to you, why is the exchange not completed?

Coins are considered received, and the exchange request is paid when your transaction receives 2 (two) confirmations in the BitCoin blockchain. The speed of transaction confirmation is an independent process from the exchanger, it depends on many factors, mainly on the speed of the network and the commission that you specify yourself when sending coins. The higher the commission, the faster miners verify it and it will receive confirmation. The exchanger has no way to influence this process and we are not able to predict the confirmation time. Transfers with small commissions can be confirmed within days.If you transferred coins to the address of the exchanger, but your transfer has not received the required number of confirmations, then the application has not yet been paid. And, as you understand, there is no payment - no exchange!

Exchange completed, but I cannot see the transaction in the block browser at

We sometimes see the block browser syncing with the network with a delay. For this reason, our clients follow the link and do not see their transaction. In this case, we recommend that you view the transaction on a little later or use another block browser: https: //,,, to do this, copy the txid of the transaction to When the exchange is completed, we provide a link to the transaction in the block browser - this means that the exchange on request is really completed and we have successfully transferred the coins to the address specified by the client. The transaction is registered in the mempool network.

For a long time there is no confirmation of the transfer of coins to my address! Can you speed up the process of confirming my transaction?

Confirmation of transactions in the blockchain network depends on the work of miners. It is these people who make the bitcoin network alive and act solely in their own financial interests. The exchanger does not mine, and also cannot influence their work in any way. This process is independent of us, so we cannot speed up the process of confirming your transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain! It is important to understand that the obligations of the exchanger are considered fulfilled after the transfer of coins to the address specified by the client, which is confirmed by an entry in the block browser, for example , here.
The Bitcoin network gets busy quite often. This can be caused by various circumstances: a large number of unprocessed transactions, attacks on the network, a sharp change in course. During such periods, the waiting time for confirmations can increase from several hours to several days!

Is registration required on our website?

No, registration is not required

I have chosen one currency to exchange, but now I want to receive another. Can you make a replacement?

Such a change is not provided for by the rules of our work. If you cannot receive funds from the exchanger, to the wallet specified in the application and in the currency of your choice, you will be asked to make a refund in accordance with our rules described in

Exchange is suspended, why?

According to our Terms of Use the Service has the right to suspend the operation and withhold the User's funds in order to prevent fraudulent and other actions that can cause financial and reputation losses for the Service or the User. If you are faced with such a situation, please contact the support service Operators will check, identify the cause and suggest solutions to the problem.

Is it possible to return funds sent to the fraudster's details?

If the order is completed, unfortunately, canceling the exchange is technically impossible.We can refund funds under any circumstances, but only if the exchange is not completed, i.e. the exchanger did not send the funds for the exchange to the wallet specified in the application. To do this, contact support.

What is card / client verification for?

We need to know that the card is in your hand and that it is you who make the exchange. Many scammers try to use stolen data to transfer funds without having access to the card itself. Therefore, verification is a simple but quite reliable way to protect our users.

What is the working hours of your exchanger ?

From 8.00 to 23.00 UTC+2, 7 days a week.